About us

CONSTRUCCIONES YATéCNICAS S.L. with more than a decade in the construction sector, is now a consolidated company that, through the years, knew how to adapt to different market circumstances. At the end of 2000 the company started its activity in the field of technical consultancy and construction services - from here comes its name, Yatecnicas Constructions (and Technical Consultancy).

The company was founded under the Management of Manuel Macias Visuara, a prestigious Technical Architect and under the Financial Management of Teresa Macías Rivero, who is graduated in Economics and who is the daughter of the former partner. The company was founded on 28th of November 2000 and it was registered in The Companies House of Cádiz on the 14th of March of the following year.

Yatecnicas is a family run enterprise whose main purpose is to achieve excellence in their works at a reasonable price and having as main values personalized client attention, the fulfillment of the highest quality standards required by the law and technical agents that participate in the building process. In order to achieve this excellence, the company works with a highly qualified and experienced team, the suitable materials and the suitable and most advanced technology available in the sector.

Organization Chart

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